Mark Reed-Edwards

Co-Host of The Innovation Podcast

Mark Reed-Edwards founded Reed-Edwards Global in 2010 after a long career working as a marketer and writer, mainly for technology companies. He specializes in telling stories about and for companies, products, analysts and executives.

He has also built and led marketing groups, spearheaded branding and rebranding efforts, and consulted with some of the world’s leading brands, including: Stratus Computer, EMC,, Yankee Group,, Sophos, AT&T, BAE Systems, CA, Ciena, Globant, HfS Research, Kaspersky, Kronos, Raytheon Cyber, Simple Tuition and Spartan Race.

In addition to hoston #theipod with Garnet, Mark also hosts Confessions of a Marketer.

Mark Reed-Edwards has hosted 16 Episodes.